Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday, May 30, 2009

MoMA chi

At 7:45am this morning I unrolled a yoga mat in the garden of the MoMA. For real! Under the weeping willows, surrounded by some of the world's most exciting art. Two hours and many down dogs later I had a very long and exhilarating moment of chi for all. All of you FABULOUS HARDWORKING MM GALS! 
It was a very special New York morning and I was lucky enough to be there thanks to my friend Elena. We went to college together.  She is uber passionate about yoga and has cultivated an extremely loyal following in NYC. She practices at Virayoga -- 
I don't know how to yoga -- since I've only done it once, 8 years ago. But it was truly inspiring. Especially when Elena shared her musings: 
Everything has a crack -- to let in the light. 
To be in service is to be liberated.
Enter as you wish to be received -- open, warm, joyous. 
Thoughts to live by indeed. 
Big chi saturday gals! We can do it -- YES WE CAN!

Friday, May 15, 2009


The fabulous new Damsel maillot in the great cotton woven print we like to call BEACH BLANKET BINGO is cute enough to make any gal a winner! Check it out! This is not your granny's bingo!

And yet another Malia Mills fan!

Wow, Carol, that is so wonderful of you. Thank you, both for the gift certificate and for taking the time to email. Jen was so wonderful and patient and informative--even after my first email, in which I sent her technical pictures of me in my underwear so that she could judge my initial style choices. I can easily imagine that someone would wonder "who IS this customer???" but instead she was incredibly helpful and clear in her responses, which helped me make good choices. I read the Malia Mills statement of intent at the bottom of one of her emails, and I would say that my whole experience, including the final result of the way the suits fit and make me feel, and your kind response to my delight, exemplifies what you are trying to achieve: a respectful, inclusive, fun, interesting bathing-suit-buying experience. My gosh, how rare is that???

I would think that San Francisco would be great for a location....Oakland is getting very fun, too, near downtown. I found out about you in a piece on swimsuits in Real Simple, and immediately came home and looked up the website. I told Jen that I immediately got short of breath--I could tell that your designs were just what I was looking for. I'm interested in vintage clothing, and sew a lot of my own clothes, and so I've been dreaming of a bathing suit that still made me feel like me, and not like I was taking a painfully self-conscious hiatus from my personal style every time I needed to wear it. And I've had two kids, so I wanted to feel cute, and not too conservative, while dealing with the realities of a middle-age body!

I wish you all the best, and I'll do everything I can to spread the word. Thank you so much again, for your vision and your execution of it!


We love our Malia Mills fans!

Dear Malia,
Thank you. Thank you for creating swim wear that makes a woman feel good about her body again. Thank you for creating swim wear that fits AND looks up to date and fun and even a little edgy. Thank you for opening a store near me! Thank you for your vision which has become my reality!
I had the best Mother's Day shopping at your Brentwood/Santa Monica store and was in awe that I found several suits to choose from- several suits I fell in love with- several suits that helped me appreciate my body again. I was eyeing your upper Manhattan store last year and said to myself- "next year, I'm getting one of those suits". I was tentative about going to the store- fitting bathing suits is usually a disappointing, frustrating experience for most of
us- but I pushed myself and found that I can be happy with my body in a bathing suit today- not when I lose 10 pounds or 30 pounds but today. Thank you for that. Keep up the amazing work- you rock!
A very happy customer and true believer, CJ

Friday, May 1, 2009

New Sven Sandals En Rout to Malia Mills Boutiques!

woohoo! two new styles from our favorite gals at SVEN. 

GuNMeTaL Huarache Clogs -- a super rad spin on the huaraches you wore as a kid to the backyard BBQs. badass metallic leather upper. 2 1/2" wooden heels; 1" platform front. The sole is lined with rubber for comfort and traction. these look AWESOME with the track pants; and with any of the mm dresses. Be sure and try them on with black knee socks. they'll be prefect our new silhouettes coming in next month. wear em with a sage dream boat and harness me belt! or pair them with a goth calendar girl and danceteria. the jewel tones and metallics together.. $130; sizes 37-41 in stock.

BlAcK Buckle Clogs -- an homage to your mom's Birks, but way modern. again, the platform clog heel -- can't get enough. black leather upper. antique brass buckle for adjustability. same great wooden sole with heel and platform and rubber grip. you'll live in these. they are the black sandals that look good with everything. Especially the Joni saloon stripe with a snap belt; or the Marais in black or navy.. These are exclusive to Malia Mills. $130; sizes 37-41 in stock.

A couple reminders about our gals at Sven -- They are located in Chicago City, Minnesota. We have a great working relationship with Marie Rivers, the owner and President. She and her team hand-make each and every pair of these beautiful clogs.