Thursday, June 25, 2009

i (heart) pandora

a fine hot summer night. cool breeze blowing through the windows on the 16th floor. editing film. wait 'til you see zee in our vintage malia mills corset and our vintage malia mills patchwork sassy girl bottom! and erin in our corset and our vintage malia mills girls got hips hipster bikini bottom! pandora is cranked up to 11 on black sabbath radio. so inspiring. next up a photoshoot with the most excellent michelle in our red hot red chloe top and our sweet okole bottom (that's "sweet tush" in hawaiian.) and dina in our red hot red starlet maillot. hot is right! wait 'til you see this color! woo hoo! summer is finally here in new york city!

Friday, June 19, 2009

the Swish dress in stores


an onomatopoeia!

mini in the front, long and loose in the back. flirty gathering, rich 4” hemlines, pockets! long straps to play with.. total adjustability. made right here in new york city.

the black woven version is made of a really special fabric. it’s a stretch woven that wears like a jersey but has a much richer look and drape. we are obsessed with it. you will see three styles in this same fabric this summer and into fall. It’s certainly year-round. washer-dryer friendly. can be dressed up or down. kinda has a vintage hand but a modern matte finish. BLACK. sizes 2-12. $495

the fun florals are a rayon blend. they are from our vintage capsule collection. if you’re veteran enough you may remember the Cecelia bikinis. we’d been dreaming up fun ways to bring this print back to you and when the Swish sample was sewn in it we all swooooned. it makes so much sense in this style! It’s a bit sheer in the sunlight. i wear it over my long Inhabit tank, or the Good Nurse Slip. or wear it over a bikini as a cover-up. or out at night over just a black maillot with some heels (the peach dress would be great with red lipstick as Leila pointed out). BLACK FLORAL, PEACH FLORAL and WHITE FLORAL. sizes 2-16. $265

there are a few ways to wear the straps. we shipped them tied my favorite way – worn like a halter, low in the front and super low in the back. be sure to play with the length by loosening the straps and pulling the fabric around the straps down to the center. drop the back dangerously low, or pull it up for more coverage. it’s works like a drawstring.

layer it! over a bathing suit. over your munich track pants. knee highs and sven buckle boots. try it with sven buckle clogs and nothing else! the tia hat and the buckle clogs with the back super low (kinda eastern 60s mind-blowing). throw a snap belt or two over it, (the new colors are so much fun!) a turtleneck and thigh highs come fall. the floral swish dresses become opaque over an NNS or the Good Nurse slip. the Racy Nurse looks great under the open back on this one.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Malia Mills opens in East Hampton!!!

That makes TWO Hampton's locations for Malia Mills!

53 Jobs Lane

East Hampton:
55 Main Street

Check out the pics . . . This is the before and after!  We lovingly built the East Hampton store in 5 days flat.  Lots of good chi in that place!